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Melbourne Holotropic Breathwork
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Geomancy, space clearing and house blessing

Hi, My name is Anthony Olsen.

I've been working in a healing / therapeutic field in one way or another for the last 25 years. I  offer services as a psychotherapist, Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, a men's group facilitator as well as performing space clearing, house blessings as a western geomancer.

I am passionate about using expanded states of awareness as tools for personal and community transformation. I  am also passionate about using music as a tool to help articulate and support these expanded states of awareness and am in the process of building a website tool to help therapists generate and curate music for Holotropic Breathwork as well as psychedelic playlists for psychedelic therapists.

Space clearing, house blessing, ghost busting

My first entry point into healing was in the form of Feng Shui and Western Geomancy, and while I  don't practice Feng Shui any more, I  am available to perform energetic cleansing on your home. I am specifically interested in place memory where the experience from past occupants has built up in a place and causes heavy or dense feelings in a home.  

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